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Water’s many benefits

Water has always played a key role in economic development, and economic development has always been accompanied by water development. Investment in water management has been repaid through livelihood security and reductions in health risks, vulnerability and ultimately poverty. Water contributes to poverty alleviation in many ways – through sanitation services, water supply, affordable food and enhanced resilience of poor communities faced with disease, climate shocks and environmental degradation. Water of the right quality can improve health through better sanitation and hygiene and, when applied at the right time, can enhance the productivity of land, labor and other productive inputs. In addition, healthy freshwater ecosystems provide multiple goods and services essential to life and livelihood. The importance of water services is especially apparent in societies where normal social life and political structures have broken down. In these fragile states the government cannot or will not deliver core functions to most of its people, including the poor. While each fragile state is fragile in different ways and for different  reasons – war, post-conflict recovery, major natural catastrophe, prolonged mismanagement and political repression – a striking commonality in reports from aid agencies is the prominence of water and sanitation in relief and reconstruction programs. The rapid restoration of viable water services is often a crucial ingredient of nation-building in these fragile states.